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Shoot and Move Class

an intensive practical performance and movement training experience

with special guest Kita Busse

August 26-28 (Mon-Wed following Illinois Sectional Match)

This hard-charging, 3-day course  combines Tim Herrons 2-Day Practical Performance Class, and Kita Busse's Highly Specialized USPSA Movement Class.

Two World-Class instructors collaborate to bring you an information-packed, complete training experience. In addition to Tim's performance-based curriculum (Click HERE to see complete curriculum), specifically designed to help students target areas of potential improvement and give them the tools to self-diagnose problems, students will also receive Kita's acclaimed USPSA movement class. Kita is an experienced dynamic movement coach, who specializes in kinesthetics, efficiency of movement, and maximizing your personal perfomance during a stage. As one of Kita's students himself, Tim can vouch for Kita's keen eye for common movement mistakes, and her targeted approach to repairing them. Kita has a proven track record of helping all levels of shooters, from beginners to GM, shave time off their stage runs and improve efficiency, which gives shooters more time to focus on accuracy. This one-of-a-kind class takes on the two most common areas where shooters can make big gains in their personal performance.

Kita's 180 Firearms Training Movement Class Curriculum!

Explosive movement

Shooting on the move with a hitch step

Lean/drop step

Footwork for position exit/controlling entry

Up-range movement

Stage programming for flow of movement

The movement portion of transitions

Practical shooting specific skills

The “quiet eye” for programming eye movement

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